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The leader in fresh and frozen fish & seafood distribution

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We offer you a 100 years’ worth of tradition and experience.


A celebration of the wonders and flavors the Mediterranean seafood world has to offer.

Our mission is to offer our customers the best available quality seafood.

Persistence, extreme attention to detail and swift organization are what our company consists of.

As the Greek mythological god Poseidon was the protector of the seas, so do we abide by the same principle.

By respecting the sea and its underwater life, we always gather from our fishers and fisheries, the best catch, while maintaining sea life.



Kalymnian Fish Co. ltd was started to act a liaison between the best fishermen and fish farms throughout the Mediterranean Area. Family owned, private small fishing companies, who know the art of open sea fishing and fish farming turned to us. From there on, it is our job to gather and provide the best quality seafood to our customers.
The application of proper quality control and management, throughout all the sectors of production, packaging and distribution, are the foundations to offering a one stop shop for worldwide clients.
We deliver fresh and frozen seafood products, with all the certifications and EU standards of quality, safety and integrity of the products, until it reaches its final destination. Our product section will give you a comprehensive insight on our fresh fish, from open-sea fishers and fish farms, as well as the different seafood products we can provide you.
All of our fishermen and fish farms we import our fish from, are concentrated primarily in Greece. From our head office in the United Kingdom, we cater to our local and worldwide based clientele through our logistics network.
Our clients include, food product distributors, major super market chains, small-delicacy shops among others.
We always welcome new business and we would be delighted to introduce you to our company’s products and services.



At Kalymnian Fish Co. ltd, we offer a huge variety of services that represent us as a serious contender in the fish and seafood business. To ensure the proper business conduct, we are always take part of the whole production process, packaging and logistics department.

We believe in keeping tradition alive. Our producers keep the highest of standards and also preserve the natural way of fish growing, while respecting the underwater world. We implement yearly inspections in order to assure that the production standards are kept during all times.
Every order to ever leave our fishers or seafood producers, is followed accordingly by all the standards and certifications that conserve quality. We believe into building long-lasting relationships, so quality control is particularly important and dear to us.
At Kalymnian Fish Co. we are able to provide specialized packaging. We can customize the type of packaging, in terms of sizing, material and container. With this versatile packaging, goods can be transported by Air, Truck, Train, Boat, even with a courier service overnight.
Logistics, is a major part of any wholesale business. Through our network of logistic companies we offer the best transport quotes, prompt delivery, we track your order until it has reached its destination and we provide insurance and guarantee for our seafood.


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